Tips for Teachers: How to Prep for Home Learning

Preparing for Home Learning During Extended Breaks

Is your school one of the many that are currently facing closures due to Coronavirus? If so, you likely do not know how long your school will be closed and if expectations like school days and state testing will remain in place. For this reason, it is important to do your best to prepare for home learning by providing your students with some academic work. It is ideal for our students to have some structure in place during the extended break to minimize any regression right before the end of the year. Parents will also thank you for it! Their kids will be home for an extended amount of time, so any activities and work you provide will likely be welcome.

Here are some ideas of what resources to provide to parents and students to help facilitate home learning:

1. Assign open-ended choice boards:

  • Choice boards are perfect for preparing for home learning. These can include challenges for completing real-life academic tasks such as independent reading or math skills. Encourage parents and children to simply read and write together! I offer free printable choice boards available for download. This is simple and free to do if you are in a crunch. If school is unexpectedly canceled, you can email these to parents too. Choice boards are designed to be less structured, more interactive, and fun for families to complete together.

Teaching resource cover showing homework choice boards for use in home learning during extended absences.

2. Virtual Learning:

  • This is ideal if all of your students have access to computers and internet access. If you already have a Google Classroom account, you can send assignments on an as-need basis, and provide feedback! This is a win-win for everyone. Here are my digital resources that are compatible with Google Classroom.

3. Printable Packets:

  • When preparing for home learning, you may immediately think virtual. But if your school is like mine, many students do not have reliable access to technology.  If this is the case, you can go “old school” and print a packet of work for students. I recommend you assign a packet of work that is mostly a review of skills that students have already learned. Be sure all worksheets and activities are straight forward, do not require materials, and simple for parents to understand if they choose to help. You can check out my printable reading packets that have three weeks’ worth of material, plus a parent letter and schedule.  2nd and 3rd Grade Packet 4th and 5th Grade Packet Your families will thank you!

4. Additional Academic Websites:

Let me know how these tips and resources work out for you.


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