Winning Writing Cover

How to Win Writing with Interactive Notebooks

Why You Should Consider Using Interactive Writing Notebooks Writing components now make up a large portion of the English and Language Arts section of many standardized tests. This is true even in the primary grades. Learning writing skills can be challenging and it is so important for students to remain engaged – but it can be difficult to find resources that focus on writing standards and keep students engaged at

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Tips for Teaching RL.2.2 and RL.3.2 with image of anchor chart for recounting folktales

How to Teach RL.2.2 & RL.3.2: Recount Stories from Diverse Cultures

Recount Folktales & Other Stories The 2nd grade standard RL.2.2 and 3rd grade standard RL.3.2 both require students to learn how to recount stories from diverse cultures and determine their central message or moral. This standard puts a focus on fables and folktales from diverse cultures. Teaching this standard can be a lot of fun. In this post, I share my strategies for teaching this dynamic standard along with a

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How to develop strong readers with reading fluency

How to Develop Strong Readers with Reading Fluency

How Fluency Assessments Develop Strong Readers Regular reading assessments can seem like a waste of time – especially when they require individual student focus. But when done correctly, assessments that focus on both comprehension and fluency can help you target your instruction more effectively so you can maximize your students’ reading potential. Reading assessments can also provide you with progress monitoring data that will allow you to track student growth

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How to Teach RL.2.1 & RL.3.1 Ask and Answer Questions in Literature

How to Teach the Ask and Answer Questions in Literature Standards The 2nd and 3rd grade RL.2.1 / RL.3.1 ask and answer questions in literature standards are closely aligned. Both standards require students to determine what the text says explicitly to understand the key details within the text. The only major difference between these two standards is that the 6 Ws are used as the types of questions in the

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Teaching 2nd Grade Word Problems

Teaching Word Problems Word problems was one of the biggest units I taught in 2nd grade, and I know firsthand that teaching word problems to 2nd graders can be challenging. But as challenging as it can be, it is also extremely important. Word problems are a key skill for students and should be taught and reviewed throughout the entire year. Before we talk about teaching 2nd grade word problems, let’s

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