Girl in yellow shirt holds tablet while celebrating national poetry month online with her class during distance learning

National Poetry Month & Distance Learning for 2nd Grade

Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month with Second Graders During Distance Learning April is National Poetry month! Chances are, you had all sorts of fun activities planned for your primary classroom. Even though you may be participating in distance learning right now, you can still bring poetry to your second graders! Try these fun activities to celebrate poetry during April or year-round on or offline! Close Read Poetry Don’t let

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Google Classroom FAQ for Elementary Teachers

Google Classroom FAQ for Elementary Teachers New to Google Classroom? I’ve got you covered! Here is a rundown of the main features of Google Classroom that are indispensable for teachers. What can you post? In essence, just about anything and everything! To begin, Google Classroom allows you to make 5 different kinds of posts: Assignment: posts where students can submit work to you Quiz Assignment: posts where you can create

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Father and daughter looking at ipad smiling with text saying google classroom walk through for parents

How to Use Google Classroom for Parents

Google Classroom Help for Parents We’re all learning so much during this time of Distance Learning! For teachers, students, and parents alike, the technology that we are using is brand new. Many teachers may be using Google Classroom to communicate lessons with students, but parents may be unfamiliar with the platform and need an overview on how to use it. Here are some Google Classroom for Parents tips to share

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Female student looking bored with her hand on the side of her face and text that says keep your kids engaged in learning during long breaks

Tips for Teachers: How to Prep for Home Learning

Preparing for Home Learning During Extended Breaks Is your school one of the many that are currently facing closures due to Coronavirus? If so, you likely do not know how long your school will be closed and if expectations like school days and state testing will remain in place. For this reason, it is important to do your best to prepare for home learning by providing your students with some

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Image of solder in fatigues holding a young boy that we can assume is his child, who is holding an american flag.

Easy Tips for Teaching About Veterans Day

Veterans Day in the Classroom While I hate to admit this, I never paid much attention to the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day until I became a teacher. Veterans Day, which is November 11 every year, is a national holiday reserved to celebrate all U.S. Military Veterans. (Memorial Day, on the other hand, is to honor those who passed away serving in an American war.) Teaching about Veterans

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How to Use Exit Tickets

How to Improve Instruction using Exit Tickets

Implementing Reading Exit Tickets for Quick Assessment Using exit tickets is an easy and effective way to understand more about your students and your instruction.  When used as an assessment tool, exit tickets provide teachers with valuable data about how well each student understands the skill they are learning. I love using exit tickets for assessment because they are easy and effective. Easy: Exit tickets are very short, so students

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Tips for Teaching Questions in Nonfiction pin showing teacher with two students

How to Teach Ask & Answer Questions in Nonfiction

My Method for Teaching RI.2.1 & RI.3.1 – Nonfiction Ask & Answer Questions Skills Asking and answering questions in nonfiction is a core skill for 2nd grade and 3rd grade reading comprehension. Because these skills help students learn how to understand what they are reading, teaching these skills comprehensively is an important foundation for creating strong readers. I am sharing this teaching method because it was very successful in my

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Student looking at camera with standardized test in front of him.

How to Prepare Students Now for Testing Success

Preparing for Standardized Testing All Year No matter the time of year, teachers, students, and administrators across the country are always feeling the pressure to prepare their students for standardized testing. Standardized test results carry so many consequences for teachers, schools, and districts that it sometimes can feel like the ONLY priority. I struggled to balance the pressures of standardized test results with effective instruction in 4th, 5th and 2nd

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Girl coloring pictures in cool down corner

How to Create an Effective Classroom Cool Down Corner

Alaska: A Place for Students to Cool Down It is so helpful to have a quiet, calm space in the classroom that students can escape to when they need a break or a little space for themselves. Students may benefit from a break in the cool down corner when they feel tired, overwhelmed, or upset. It is important to allow students space when they need it. And it’s just as

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Tips for Teaching RL.2.2 and RL.3.2 with image of anchor chart for recounting folktales

How to Teach RL.2.2 & RL.3.2: Recount Stories from Diverse Cultures

Recount Folktales & Other Stories The 2nd grade standard RL.2.2 and 3rd grade standard RL.3.2 both require students to learn how to recount stories from diverse cultures and determine their central message or moral. This standard puts a focus on fables and folktales from diverse cultures. Teaching this standard can be a lot of fun. In this post, I share my strategies for teaching this dynamic standard along with a

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