How to Teach Characters in Literature Effectively

Teaching about Characters in Literature I LOVE teaching about characters in literature. There are so many excellent mentor texts that help students learn about character traits and character change. Teaching about characters is also a great opportunity to incorporate diverse characters and character education. Here are some tips and strategies for how to teach characters in literature skills effectively. My Favorite Characters in Literature Mentor Texts Here are my favorite

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Teaching Context Clues Pin showing Context Clues Anchor Chart and Julie Bochese standing next to it.

How to Teach Context Clues Effectively

Teaching Context Clues Context clues is one of those skills that it seems like students can never get enough practice with. The skill is vital to overall reading comprehension, so it makes sense to revisit it multiple times. I taught and retaught context clues over-and-over throughout the year. Here are some strategies that can help your students succeed with this important skill and help boost their overall reading comprehension. Introducing

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Black History Month Pin cover showing female black student in classroom.

Embrace Black History Month in the Classroom

Why Should I Embrace Black History Month in My Classroom? Incorporating Black History Month into the classroom can be a controversial topic. Some teachers believe that a specific focus on a minority culture is unnecessary because diversity should be incorporated throughout the year. Others, whether intentionally or unintentionally, choose to avoid incorporating diversity altogether. In this post, I talk about my own journey to understanding the importance of incorporating Black

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Image showing text features task cards spread on table with text across bottom showing title of post.

How to Use Task Cards Effectively in the Classroom

Why are Task Cards so Awesome? Task cards are a great tool to use for skill review. If you’re not using them, you should be! They are super simple to prep, and once you have them ready to go, you can revisit and reuse them over and over, year over year! Here are some ideas for how to use them in your classroom. *This post contains affiliate links. As an

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Student thinking while working on her independent morning work in a quiet classroom setting.

Make Mornings Easy with Independent Morning Work

Make Mornings Easier! Morning time can be chaotic! In my classroom, kids were trickling in at different times. They were excited and always chatting. I was being pulled in a million different directions from students, other teachers popping in, phone calls from the office. It was difficult to get my students to settle. Not to mention finish the responsibilities I had to get to before we started our day. Here

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How to Build Relationships with Morning Meetings

Building a Caring Classroom Community Building a caring classroom community with my students was one of my most important classroom management techniques. If your students know you care about them and learn to care for each other, it cuts down on a lot of behavioral problems (or it at least makes them easier to solve). One of the best ways to build and maintain a caring classroom community and culture

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Various books that open discussions of kindness and diversity when used in the classroom.

6 Back to School Books that Encourage Community

Building Classroom Community through Inclusion It’s back to school time! During the first few weeks, I always spent a lot of time working on building an inclusive classroom community.  Building trust among students (and myself) and creating an environment where everyone was accepted and supported was crucial to our year-long success. One of my favorite ways to begin building our community was through read-alouds and class discussions. 6 Back to

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Tips for teaching spelling cover art showing girl using phonics worksheet

How to Teach Spelling and Phonics Effectively

Teaching Spelling Effectively is All About Resources & Strategy Phonics and spelling instruction… I will honestly say teaching spelling and phonics was one of my least favorite things to do. That was because I was doing it all wrong. I knew it because it was ineffective, and I didn’t know how to teach spelling effectively. I was using the prescribed random spelling lists in my basal reader, which were completely

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Cell phone showing ClassTag parent teacher communication app on screen

6 Ways ClassTag will Make Your Life Easier

Advantages to Using ClassTag as Your Parent-Teacher Communication App My kids have been in daycare for several years now, which means I’ve used a lot of different parent-teacher communication apps. I was lucky enough to be contacted recently by a company called ClassTag who asked me to consider partnering with them. After exploring the app, I was excited to support ClassTag and their mission. This app HAS IT ALL! I

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Tips for Teaching with Lexile

Teaching with Lexile® to Create Successful Readers

Why Teaching with Lexile is Important Using Lexile measures to differentiate and scaffold instruction has a significant impact on your students’ reading. Lexile measures help teachers make informed decisions about text selection to ensure students are both engaged and challenged. Teaching with Lexile measures properly adds a powerful tool that helps students make gains, increase confidence, and meet the demands of Common Core and other state standards. It is important

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