8 Distance Learning Brain Breaks To Make Your Students Better

Everybody needs a break from time to time. And that includes your students. Here are some easy ideas for brain breaks that work for classroom and distance learning. What are Brain Breaks? Break breaks are short mental breaks that help students stay focused. Typically, brain breaks help students move or engage in discussions to help them re-energize and refocus. Why are Brain Breaks Important? Research shows that regular breaks throughout

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Assessments and Distance Learning blog cover

How to Assess Students while Distance Learning

One of the big questions I heard from teachers last spring when COVID initially impacted schools was “How am I going to grade my students?” Many teachers were worried that “if students aren’t held accountable for their work, will they be motivated to complete it?” With many schools doing distance learning or a combination of classroom and distance learning, and with the ongoing uncertainty of what this school year may

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How to Use Boom Cards in Google Classroom

With distance learning becoming the new normal for many teachers and students, Boom Cards have emerged as an easy and effective way to engage students, practice skills, and collect data on student progress. Let’s take a minute to look at how to integrate Boom Cards with Google Classroom. It’s much easier than many of you think!

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How to Make Google Slides work With Microsoft Powerpoint and Teams blog post cover showing teacher with tablet and text

How to Download Google Slides to PowerPoint and Share via Microsoft Teams

Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, the choice is yours except when it’s not. Different school districts use different platforms, and various Learning Management Systems can be more compatible with one or the other, and sometimes both. The good news is both PowerPoint and Google Slides are interchangeable with just a few clicks! You can either upload a PowerPoint to create a SlideShow or download a SlideShow to create a PowerPoint

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How to Make Your Reading Block Flexible for Classroom & Distance Learning

Teachers heading back to school this year are facing more uncertainty than nearly any back to school time in history. Will school start with distance learning? Will we start with classroom learning then be forced to go back to distance learning? Not being able to predict what this year will look like is hard for students, teachers, and parents. But, it is especially hard on teachers who are trying to

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How teachers can reduce the risk of COVID-19 in the classroom

How to Reduce COVID-19 Risk in the Classroom

As federal, state, and local governments around the country grapple with balancing the risks associated with COVID-19 and the start of the 2020-2021 school year, one thing remains clear. Classroom learning, no matter how it is implemented, will pose an increased infection risk to teachers, students, and their immediate families. In this post, I’m sharing a few ideas and resources that teachers can use to help alleviate the risks.

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Girl reading a book with a white cover during summer time in order to prevent the summer slide

How to Prevent the Summer Slide

How Teachers & Parents Can Help Students Avoid the Summer Slide Every teacher knows about the dreaded summer slide. Your students worked hard and made gains all year, but when they return to school in the Fall, it seems as though they have forgotten everything they learned. The fact of the matter is, according to NWEA’s research, students in third through eighth-grade loose between twenty to fifty percent of math

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Two students wearing cooking hats and aprons are breaking eggs and mixing a batter with text that says learning through cooking real life distance learning

How to Teach Children through Cooking

How Cooking Can Help Children Learn As teachers, students, parents, and administrators across the globe adjust to distance learning, little tweaks and moderations are being made with hopes of making this time easier for everyone. One thing that seems more common as we continue on our distancing journey is something along the lines of “Wellness Wednesday” or CHILL Day (Catch up, Help around the house, Inhale and exhale, Learn something

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3rd Grade Student holds a quill and paper with text reading celebrate poetry distance learning

How to Celebrate National Poetry Month During Distance Learning in 3rd-5th Grades

Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month During Distance Learning in 3-5th Grades During the month of April, I love sharing poetry with students! We study figurative language and write and read engaging poems to learn more about this mode of writing. Distance learning doesn’t have to put a damper on your poetry celebrations with your students. In fact, there are so many ways to celebrate national poetry month during distance

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