Using mentor texts units for teaching blog post cover showing book units

Easy Way to Use Books for Cross-Curricular Teaching

Mentor texts can be a powerful cross-curricular teaching tool to engage students in reading while teaching them about the world around them. Mentor texts can empower students to learn about different people, cultures, or topics they might not otherwise experience. They can also teach students to empathize with others. This is why I created mentor text units. They are designed to help students think critically about the world while actively

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How to access and assign resources in Seesaw blog post cover

How to Access & Assign Resources in Seesaw

Whether you use Seesaw regularly or are new to the platform, sharing a purchased resource may get a little confusing. Here’s a step by step on how to get it done. Purchasing a Resource for Seesaw Before you purchase a resource for use in Seesaw, make sure you have an account in the platform. Each purchased resource is already part of the seller’s Seesaw Activity Library under their own Seesaw

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cover for preparing for a substitute teacher showing sub in a classroom during covid 19

The Insider’s Guide to Preparing for a Substitute Teacher

Getting a good substitute teacher is hard. And getting a good sub to come back can be even more difficult – especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are things you can do to increase the likelihood that your sub will be successful, which will make you, your students, and the sub happy. Best of all, the sub will want to come back next time you need one – which

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Guided Reading for Upper Elementary Blog Cover

How to Utilize Guided Reading in Upper Elementary

Most primary teachers know and utilize guided reading in their classrooms on a regular basis; however, in my experience, upper elementary teachers didn’t always see the value or find the time to implement this important practice into their own routines. Who can blame them? With standardized testing and demands from administration, it is hard to weed through the requirements to determine how to best use your time and resources to

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8 Distance Learning Brain Breaks To Make Your Students Better

Everybody needs a break from time to time. And that includes your students. Here are some easy ideas for brain breaks that work for classroom and distance learning. What are Brain Breaks? Break breaks are short mental breaks that help students stay focused. Typically, brain breaks help students move or engage in discussions to help them re-energize and refocus. Why are Brain Breaks Important? Research shows that regular breaks throughout

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Assessments and Distance Learning blog cover

How to Assess Students while Distance Learning

One of the big questions I heard from teachers last spring when COVID initially impacted schools was “How am I going to grade my students?” Many teachers were worried that “if students aren’t held accountable for their work, will they be motivated to complete it?” With many schools doing distance learning or a combination of classroom and distance learning, and with the ongoing uncertainty of what this school year may

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How to Use Boom Cards in Google Classroom

With distance learning becoming the new normal for many teachers and students, Boom Cards have emerged as an easy and effective way to engage students, practice skills, and collect data on student progress. Let’s take a minute to look at how to integrate Boom Cards with Google Classroom. It’s much easier than many of you think!

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How to Make Google Slides work With Microsoft Powerpoint and Teams blog post cover showing teacher with tablet and text

How to Download Google Slides to PowerPoint and Share via Microsoft Teams

Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, the choice is yours except when it’s not. Different school districts use different platforms, and various Learning Management Systems can be more compatible with one or the other, and sometimes both. The good news is both PowerPoint and Google Slides are interchangeable with just a few clicks! You can either upload a PowerPoint to create a SlideShow or download a SlideShow to create a PowerPoint

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Classroom Management after COVID main image showing a student in a classroom with text

Classroom Management Tips for Back to School after COVID

Classroom Management Tips for Post-COVID Back to School With the ongoing challenges of COVID, classroom management will be much different than in previous years. Dealing with the challenges of returning back to school during a pandemic has its own challenges, but it is also important to consider ways you can set your students up for success when it comes to behavior during this challenging school year. Here are some classroom

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How to Teach Science while Distance Learning

Science can be a difficult subject to teach remotely. Students learn best from hands-on inquiry experiences with investigations, explorations, and experiments. Even though distance learning poses challenges for teaching science effectively, I have some suggestions to help you navigate these challenges and successfully teach science while distance learning. Introducing Science Concepts Virtually When you are teaching science, begin with activating schema. If you are distance learning, you can activate schema

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