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  • 2D and3D Digital Mini Lesson for 2nd Grade Math
  • Add & Subtract 10 - 100 Digital Lesson for 2nd Grade
  • Adding & Subtracting to 1,000 3rd Grade Math in Google Slides Format
  • Adding Base Ten Blocks & Decomposing Preview in a tablet
  • Adding to 100 with Standard Algorithm Digital Mini Lesson
  • Adding Open NUmber Line Cover showing in a tablet
  • Addition to 1000 Mini Lesson for 2nd Grade
  • Arrays Digital Math Mini Lesson in Google Slides
  • Bar and Picture Graphs Digital Mini Lesson in Google Slides Format
  • Cover for Chocolate Virtual Field Trip showing a map in the background and a suitcase for students to put their learning in.
  • Digital Mini-Lessons for Counting to 1,000 for 2nd Grade
  • Cover for ask and answer nonfiction questions digital mini lessons showing nonfiction text on an ipad
  • Digital Mini Lesson for standard RI.2.6, Author's Purpose, Cover displaying use of digital resource on Google slides.

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