Context Clues in Nonfiction Text – 1st Grade RI.1.4


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Context Clues in Nonfiction Text RI1.4 contains 12 certified Lexile® measured 1st grade close reading comprehension passages with standard based questions, anchor charts, and two skills focused test passages for CCSS RI1.4: Ask and answer questions to help determine or clarify the meaning of words and phrases in a text.

Certified Lexile levels make differentiation easy. Passages are in the first grade Common Core Text Complexity Band (the range for 1st grade is 190L-530L).

Integrated color coding encourages students to learn how to use text evidence in their answers.

Passages are perfect for comprehensive standard based test prep. Included anchor charts and questions make this resource great for lesson modeling. Works perfectly for small groups and guided reading.

Utilizes the Lexile Framework® for Reading and a mix of standard based essay and multiple choice questions to allow educators to scaffold independent work and homework. Also great for centers and interventions.

Contains original passages with high-quality photographs designed to engage students of all levels and interests.

Table of Contents

  1. Word Detective Steps Anchor Chart (2 pgs.)
  2. Context Clue Practice Cards (1 pg.)
  3. A Day in My Life- Spain- 300L
  4. Green Machine Smoothie- 310L
  5. How Chocolate is Made- 340L
  6. The Lifecycle of a Chicken- 370L
  7. The Great Milk Debate- 390L
  8. Record Breaker: Winter Vinecki- 400L
  9. The History of Basketball- 400L
  10. The Black Widow Spider- 420L
  11. How to Play Go Fish- 410L
  12. The Ancient City of Pompeii- 480L
  13. Context Clues Test
  • The Star of the Sea- 320L
  • Carnivorous Plants- 390L

*Please note, due to the complexity of vocabulary for this standard, the passages have Lexile measures of 300L-480L.

Common Core Kingdom is a Certified Lexile Partner
See more about why certified Lexile measures matter by clicking on my product preview and navigating to the About Lexile Levels page.

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