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9 non fiction reading comprehension passages aligned to 2nd Grade Common Core standard: main idea and details. Includes explicit steps to help students.

Table of Contents
1. Vocabulary Cards (Topic. Main Idea, Details)
2. Journal Steps for finding topic, main idea, and details.
3. โ€œRainy Dayโ€ Journal visual
4. Topic, Main Idea, Details Explicit passages (6 pages) Topics:
โ™ฆ Family Dog
โ™ฆ Sun Energy
โ™ฆ Gravity
โ™ฆ Homework
5. Topic, Main Idea, Details- Implicit passages (2 pages)
โ™ฆButterfly Lifecycle
โ™ฆHomework Time
6. Quiz: Martin Luther King Jr. & Plant Life cycle

(*Note* If you would like these pages to fit in composition journals shrink to 80%)

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