Fiction Interactive Reading Notebook – 3rd Grade


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⭐️ These interactive journals include activities, anchor charts, passages, and foldable templates. Engage your students while covering each 3rd grade Common Core reading literature standards.

Key Features:

✏️ Visuals that help students grasp fiction comprehension strategies

✏️ Full passages and shorter paragraphs for comprehensive skills practice

✏️Interactive and foldable activities for students to practice strategies and standards in a hands-on way.

What’s Included?

1. Custom Table of Contents Activity

2. Ask & Answer Questions Journal Pages (RL3.1)

  • Ask & Answer Questions Anchor Chart: Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How
  • Ask & Answer Questions Worksheets
  • Ask & Answer Questions Passage: Pizza or Chicken Tenders?
  • Ask & Answer Questions Interactive Activity: Foldable Activity

3. Recount Stories Journal Pages (RL3.2)

  • Fables Anchor Chart
  • Fables Stories and Graphic Organizer: The Dog and His Reflection, The Fox and the Stork
  • Folktale Anchor Chart
  • Folktale Graphic Organizer
  • Folktale Passage: Kebeg from the Isle of Man
  • Myths Anchor Chart
  • Myth Passage: Myths of the Cherokee- First Fire
  • Recount Myths Foldable

4. Character Challenge Journal Pages (RL3.3)

  • Characters Anchor Chart
  • Passage: Andrew’s Gratitude
  • Character Change Graphic Organizer
  • Character Change Comic Story Map

5. Literal and Nonliteral Language Journal Pages (RL3.4)

  • Words and Phrases Anchor Chart
  • Figurative Language Anchor Chart
  • Literal vs. Nonliteral Language Sort
  • Passage: Summer Storm

6. Parts of Stories, Dramas, and Poems Journal Pages (RL3.5)

  • Parts of Literature Anchor Chart
  • Literature Structure Foldable
  • Poem: Our Little Ghost
  • Play: The Big Contest
  • Story: The Snowy Sleepover
  • Parts of a Story Graphic Organizer

7. Character Point of View Journal Pages (RL3.6)

  • Point of View Anchor Chart
  • Passage: Rudy
  • Foldable Activity

8. Illustrations and Words Journal Pages (RL3.7)

  • Illustrations and Words Anchor Chart
  • Fairy tale Illustrations Foldable Activity

9. Compare and Contrast Stories in a Series Journal Pages (RL3.9)

  • Compare and Contrast Stories in a Series Anchor Chart
  • Passages: Jenna’s Sleigh Ride and Jenna’s Treat
  • Venn Diagram foldable activity

*To make these pages fit in a composition notebook shrink size to 80%. Instructions are provided in the sample journal.

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